That is not my banner, and it’s not my desk…but I want one.

It’s time for a brain dump.  My brain is working overtime, being angry about the shitty shit going on in the world, and I just gotta bitch about some stuff.

TRIGGER WARNING: rape, child abuse, child labor, rape apologists, explicit language about rape

Daniel Tosh/Rape 

All of the things I’d want to say have been said better by different people, and in different ways, but the things that made me think the most were:



Lindy West

Curtis Luciani 

And it’s intense, but some of these ideas conflict each other, but I still appreciate some of the things that they each have to say.  And lastly, be warned for violent, graphic depiction of rape, The Onion.

Penn State/Sandusky/Paterno

I work in higher education.  For awhile, I was pretty obsessed with consuming media about this case, and finally I had to take a break.  I only read one NYT article when the verdict came out about Sandusky, but I have to admit I’ve been reading some of the articles today about the Freeh report.

This particularly amazes me: Nike Taking Paterno’s Name Off Child Care Center

I have to ask– since when does Nike give a shit about kids?  When you google “Nike child labor” you get about 617,000 results (0.24 seconds).  

Also, damn.  Heartbreaking: “The most powerful officials at Penn State actively worked to cover up Jerry Sandusky’s sexual abuse and rape of children, failing to protect them against a sexual predator for more than a decade, according to an internal investigation released Thursday.” – HuffPo

Smarter, more eloquent people than me are going to make points about Higher Ed and the questions this should be making us ask ourselves, but I’ll go ahead and say that I actually WEPT TEARS when I realized that RAPE CULTURE means that this could have happened at my beloved institutions.  We are not that different from PSU.

Radical Feminists Hating on Trans People

Shut the fuck up, now.  Just shut the fuck up.  You make me embarrassed to identify as a feminist, so shut the fuck up.  And telling you to shut the fuck up is silencing, yeah, I realize that.  But you’re really out of control.