gratitude 16: gay people.  last night i went to the drag queen bar with a couple of friends, and we sat there and talked the whole time–I didn’t watch the show at all, but I was grateful for the ability to be butch in public, quietly minding my own business, and we received no stares, felt no intimidation.  i live in a small city with a limited gay scene that is not very progressive, and surely not queer, and most of the time i am fantasizing about how to get back out of here.  but last night, i didn’t spend any energy on that–i just enjoyed being in a space that felt safer than most, surrounded by lots of other gay people.

gratitude 17: i’ve only been awake for about 45 minutes, but i’m sitting here enjoying a really good cup of french press coffee and an egg sandwich w/sriracha and homemade pesto on an everything bagel, and i’m grateful for the time i spent working in commercial kitchens, where i learned the basics of cooking.  i’m not a great cook–but i’m pretty good at a few things when they turn out right, but mostly I enjoy cooking. I enjoy washing & chopping vegetables, i love the smells and flavors and textures, and I’m grateful for all of the other people in my life who are great cooks and bakers–thank you.