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i got two great books for Hanukkah from my wife* and i purchased two more for myself, so I’m pretty stoked.  i used to keep track of the books i read, and i would like to start doing that again. so here we go. my plan is probably to keep editing this post.


*wife: yes, we got hitched on 12/5/16. 🙂

I’ve set a goal for myself to read 100 books in 2009.  I read 80 in 2008, so I figured I can step it up.  I need to hit 8.3 books a month, and so far I’m more or less on track.

In progress:

A Model World: And Other Stories by Michael Chabon (library)
Werewolves in their Youth: Stories by Michael Chabon (library)


Recommended that I’m interested in:

The Autobiography of Red by Anne Carson

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